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  National FORUM of Special Education Journal
  Volume 35, Number 1, 2024
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  Volume 33, Number 1, 2022

Higher Education Faculty Knowledge and Preparedness of ADA Compliance and Student Success

  Brenda Lozano - Tuloso Midway Independent School District - Corpus Christi, TX  
  Daniella Varela - Texas A&M University - Kingsville, TX  
  Don Jones - Texas A&M University - Kingsville, TX  
  Patricia Huskin - Texas A&M University - Kingsville, TX  
  Volume 30, Number 1, 2019

Painting a Picture: A Timeline of Students with Disabilities in United States History

  Stephanie Bain De Los Santos - Texas A&M University - Kingsville  
  Lori Kupczynski - University of St. Augustine for Health Science  

  Volume 28, Number 1, 2017

Transition Services in Mississippi for Persons with Developmental Disabilities: An Examination of Program Availability, Comprehensiveness, Satisfaction, and Outcomes

  Hillary Thornton - Leadership Services - Oxford, MS  
  Conn Thomas - West Texas A&M University  
  DeAnna Owens - University of Memphis - Memphis, TN  
  Katrina Salley - Asbury University - Wilmore, KY  
  J.M. Blackbourn - Asbury University - Wilmore, KY  

  Full Inclusion: Would the Educational Needs of Students with Exceptionalities be Best Met in a Fully-Inclusionary Classroom?  
  Annette R. Hux -  Arkansas State University - Jonesboro  

  Results of a Disability Awareness Assignment Conducted with Preservice Teachers  
  Christine Woodbury - Houston Baptist University  
  Tammy L. Stephens-Pisecco - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company  
  Joyce A. Rademacher - Texas Woman's University  

  Volume 27, Number 1, 2016
  Mentoring of T2T Alternate Route Special Education Scholars in High-Needs Schools  
  Matthew K. Boggan - Georgia Gwinnett College - Lawrenceville, GA  
  Margaret Pope - Mississippi State University - Mississippi State, MS  
  Teresa Jayroe - Mississippi State University - Mississippi State, MS  
  Penny Wallin - Mississippi State University - Meridian, MS  
  Volume 26, Number 1, 2015
  CHARGE Syndrome and Autism: Possible Paralles in Challenging Behavior  
  L. Kathleen Sheriff - Stephen F. Austin University - Nacogdoches, TX  

  Incidental Learning for Children with Deafblindness  
  L. Kathleen Sheriff - Stephen F. Austin University - Nacogdoches, TX  
  Tracy L. Hallak - Stephen F. Austin University - Nacogdoches, TX  

  It Takes a Village: Counselor Participation with Students, Families, and Other School Personnel in Serving Students with Special Needs  
  Brittany Hott -  Texas A&M University - Commerce, TX  
  Suzanne Thomas -  Texas A&M University - Commerce, TX  
  Amir Abbassi -  Texas A&M University - Commerce, TX  
  LaVelle Hendricks -  Texas A&M University - Commerce, TX  
  Dean Aslina -  Texas A&M University - Commerce, TX  

  Volume 25, Number 1, 2014  

The Effects of a Speech-to-Text Software Application on Written Expression for Students with Various Disabilities

  Dixie McCollum - Southeast Missouri State University - Jackson, MO  
  Steven Nation - Scott County R-IV School District - Benton, MO  
  Sharon Gunn - Southeast Missouri State University - Cape Girardeau, MO  

  Volume 24, Number 1, 2013  
  Improving the Academic Achievement of Students with Disabilities  
  Lea Susann Roden - Texas A&M University - Commerce, TX  
  Arthur J. Borgemenke - Texas A&M University - Commerce, TX  
  William Holt - Texas A&M University - Commerce, TX  

  Volume 21, Number 1, 2010  

  Special Education Services  
  Fred C. Lunenburg - Sam Houston State University  

  Volume 20, Number 1, 2009  

  Lessons Learned: Developing Strategic Professional Development to Support RtI Implementation  
  Donna M. Sobel - University of Colorado Denver  
  Nancy Steele - Educational Consultant Littleton, Colorado  

  Volume 19, Number 1, 2008  

  National Implications: Overrepresentation of African Americans in Special Education Programs in East Texas Elementary Schools: A Multi-Case Qualitative Study  
  Frank Dykes - University of Texas at Tyler  

  Volume 17, Number 1, 2006  

  Coming to Terms With No Child Left Behind: Learning to Teach the Invisible Children  
  David E. Herrngton - Prairie View A&M University  
  Kathleen Kidd-Herrington - St. Peter and St. Joseph Children's Home  
  Mary Alice Kritsonis - National Forum Journals  

  How Does Shared Decision Making Impact Inclusion  
  Deborah E. Kuhns - West Virginia University  
  Paul E. Chapman - West Virginia University  

  Volume 16, Number 1, 2005  

  Inclusion In Early Childhood Programs: A Kaleidoscope of Diversity  
  JoAnn Belk - Mississippi State University  

  Volume 14, Number 3, 2004  

  Inclusion Rates as Impacted by the Perceptions of Teachers’ Attitudes, SES, and District Enrollment  
  Brenda Clampit - Craighead County Special Education Cooperative  
  Mitchell Holifield - Arkansas State University  
  Joe Nichols - Arkansas State University  

  Hidden Disability: A Personal Odyssey  
  Barry S. Davidson - Troy State University  

  Volume 11, Number 3, 2002  

  Dispositional Suitability to the Field of Special Education: An Initial Validity Study  
  John Hoover - University of North Dakota  
  Lynne Chalmers - University of North Dakota  
  Myrna Olson - University of North Dakota  
  Peggy Schaeffer - University of North Dakota  
  Steve Street - University of North Dakota  

  Volume 10, Number 3, 2001  

  Preservice Teacher Education About Drug or Alcohol-Impaired Dysfunctional Families  
  Robert W. Burke - Ball State University  

  Learning Communities Working Together For The Success of All Students: A Shared Vision  
  Dan Ezell - University of Central Florida-Brevard Campus  
  Colleen Klein - University of Central Florida-Brevard Campus  
  Theresa Lee - Enterprise Elementary School  

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